Contractor FAQ

Is contracting right for me?

If this question describes your feelings right now, consider the following:

  • Do you like the idea of a flexible work schedule and the ability to get paid for every hour that you work?
  • Are you tired of the same projects and stagnant income?
  • Does the idea of traveling throughout the country, experiencing new and dynamic work environments, and learning new tools of the trade excite you?
  • Do you share the mindset of thousands of engineers and designers that have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a “permanent” position anymore?
  • Are you motivated by the challenge of being asked to step in and solve a problem where others have struggled?

Still unsure? Please review the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) our senior level recruiters are asked every day…

Who pays for this recruiting service?

Our recruiting services are completely free to the job seeker as the client company is responsible for payment of our service.

On what disciplines, skill sets, and industries does Aries focus in obtaining an assignment for me?

Many of the skill sets of our contractors fall under the mechanical and electrical design and engineering umbrella. However, we realize each candidate has a distinct and varied background, and for that reason, Aries endeavors to locate openings that best complement the talented engineers and designers with which we partner. Similarly, our clients also have a broad scope of needs. We have aligned with companies in a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Products, Defense and Government projects, Medical Devices, Architectural & Engineering, and Telecommunications, to name a few. If you are looking for it, Aries will find it.

How long will typical assignments with Aries last?

We have had engineers on contracts for years, some just for a few months. Currently, our average is six months. However, these projects will last as long as our client needs your expertise. Many times, a great assignment will get extended beyond the original estimated length; much of this relies on you as the contractor to do an excellent job. You can “make your own duration” by performing at a high level and assisting on multiple projects, if possible.

How and when am I paid?

You will be paid every Friday according to the hourly rate you agree upon and the number of hours you have worked during the week. Aries has the capabilities to directly deposit your pay into your personal account(s); if you prefer, we can also mail or overnight you a “live” paycheck.

Does Aries offer benefits?

Qualifying Aries contractors are eligible to participate in our 401(K) Plan through Federated Investors as well as our Affordable PPO Plan through Tufts Health Care. Our retirement plan offers immediate eligibility and a selection of twelve no-load funds. Our medical plan includes coverage for individuals, families, or for an Employee +1. There is a 30-day eligibility period to qualify for these health benefits. For contract employees traveling and residing away from home for an assignment, we will employ our Per Diem program. Please call your Personal Recruiter for additional information on any of our benefits.

Does Aries assist with relocation?

We assist you by performing an extensive geographical search for housing in the area to which you will be relocating. If you qualify, we also have a Per Diem program available which will offset your food, lodging and incidental expenses. Please contact a recruiter to discuss this program. Travel to and from the jobsite is at the contractor’s expense.

What happens when my assignment is completed?

Upon confirming an end date for your assignment, Aries will immediately tap into our network of clients in your preferred area(s) or nationwide to locate your next assignment.

How are my taxes calculated as a contract employee?

Aries offers the flexibility for you to work as a W2 employee, as a corporation-to-corporation, or as an independent contractor. Should you choose to work as a W2 employee, Aries calculates your federal taxes, social security withholdings, as well as state taxes for the location in which you are working. If you choose to partner with Aries as your own corporation or an independent, you will be responsible for all withholdings as Aries does not make any federal or state tax payments on your behalf.

If these answers seem to fit with your lifestyle and career goals, contact The Aries Group today!