Case Studies

Medical Device

Client: High end developer of precision niche medical device equipment located in a remote New England location

Challenge: Our client needed to find niche engineering talent to accelerate new product development, meet benchmark dates with key clients and develop a core team to build around

Aries solution: We worked closely with our client to understand how unique their technology is and what would be the motivators to attract the right candidates to fill their critical talent requirements. Short term needs were met with targeted contract engineers. The long term goal was to recruit for candidates who were passionate about their mission and wanted to become part of the core group that would create the innovative products to insure continued success.

Result: Aries developed a very compelling presentation to candidates emphasizing the innovative and creative culture that attracted the right group of candidates. Our client has made several key core additions to their team as well as contracting with us for key skills to insure timely completion of projects. They have grown fourfold since the beginning of our relationship and entered into a strategic partnership with Aries for all of their engineering talent needs.


Client: Developer and manufacturer of e-commerce supply chain equipment

Challenge: Client needed to quickly ramp up production capabilities to meet much accelerated growth targets. Candidates had to make a commitment to a long term contract assignment without the guarantee of permanent employment with our client.

Aries solution: We received over 300 resumes from candidates interested in the position to maintain an ongoing pipeline to meet the on demand needs of our client. Candidates were screened via the criteria established by our client; experience, stability of work history, commitment to the program, strong references and successful completion of a background test.

Result: Aries conducted over 200 face to face interviews to insure proper screening of all applicants. 120 candidates were eventually interviewed by our client after passing all phases of the interview process. 95 of these candidates were hired, an 80% interview to hire ratio. Turnover among this group of Aries temporary associates was only 10%. The ability of Aries to recruit the right group of assemblers, technicians and material handlers led to our client successfully increasing production by 400%.